Customer Testimonials

"Astatic mics are great. Love this mic. It is weighted, so it feels right in your hand. It gives a great clear sound."

"This mic has been the gold standard for a lot of years."

"Excellent mic. It is clear, crisp and everyone I've spoken to says they like how it sounds. For a mic that is not very expensive I highly recommend it!"

"Mic has a great sound. Nice, clean, and clear. Would definitely recommend."

"The best of the best, crystal clear sound even if music is loud and windows are open. You'll never get a better mic."

"I have been using Astatic mics for over 20 years, in my opinion you cannot beat it for a great sounding noise canceling mic..."

"Wow, what a mic, by far the best I ever had..."

"This has to be one of the best mics on the market."

"This mic sounds so clear and crisp, I can't believe it sells for as little as it does."

"I've been trucking for about five years now, and have used several different types of radios and mics, some cheap, some expensive. This is a good one, I've had it in the truck for about two weeks now, using it every day, and the guys I run with say it sounds great. I'm very pleased so far, I'd recommend it to other drivers."

"Looks great and works fantastic as usual."

"A great mic. Have one myself. Nothing but praise here!"

"If you want to be heard on your cb this is the mike hands down. Its noise cancelling works great in preventing background noise, road noise, feedback and squeeling."



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